Aday Alvarez Takes the Honours of the Fourth leg of RAM league

Aday Alvarez Takes the Honours of the Fourth leg of RAM league

Ceremonial Road was the venue of the fourth edition of the Royal Air Maroc cycling league. Again the very popular individual time trial race sponsored by Rassen  Aodventure  Shop saw around 100 participants battling with the strong north winds which made the race very hard. Time trial length of 37 km for stronger categories is easily comparable with the distances professional riders do in the biggest races in the world.

The Man A category was dominated by a very successful triathlete rider Aday Alvarez with average speed of 42 km/h. Aday is one of the favorites for the upcoming Doha Triathlon on the 20th of January. Marouane Znagui took the lead of the League sharing the same number of points as young and very talented Qatar national team rider Farhan Farizi.

In the Women A category Isora Sosa Caballero extended her lead in RAM league standing with yet another victory. She is also one of the favorites for Doha Triathlon.

Men B category was won by Oliver Tindall, who also won the last time trial in Lusail, however the league leader is Nehad  Kadry.

Women B had to do one lap of 18.5 km. Caroline Van Aatrijk won the race with significant gap. Ana Jarque is the league leader.

Ahmad Al Subaey is a serial winner in Men C category. He won all the races except the first one in Al Thakhira thus Abdulaziz Al Mohannadi is keeping the title of the League for now.

The fifth edition of the Royal Air Maroc league organized by Qatar Cycling Federation, Qatar Chain Reaction with support of Qatar Cyclists will take place in Dukhan on Friday, 13th of January.



1. Aday ÁLVAREZ DIEZ DE ULZURRUN (Carbon Wheels Racing) 52:58.4

2. Richard ALLISON (Loft) +1:30.9

3. Derek BRADY (Rasen Velostar) +1:58.


1. Isora SOSA CABALLERO (Carbon Wheels Racing) 1h01:24.0

2. Meghann CLEARY (Nplus1endurance) +1:06.7

3. Julie MELVILLE (Carbon Wheels Racing) +1:55.5


1. Oliver TINDALL 57:24.4

2. Davy MULLER (Carbon Wheels Racing) +1:48.1

3. Nehad KADRY +3:03.2



1. Caroline VAN AARTRIJK (Qatar Sandstormers) 36:43.9

2. Geraldine DIAZ +1:34.5

3. Bettina ZABAT (Pinoy Roadies Qatar) +2:46.2


1. Ahmad AL SUBAEY (Losail Team) 29:34.5

2. John HANCOCK (Rasen Velostar) +1:23.6

3. Alex HOGAN (None) +2:07.7