Davy Muller of Carbon Wheels Racing won the Open Category in MTB 2nd Race

The United Filipino Mountain Bikers Qatar and the Qatar Cycling Federation recently organized the 2nd Leg of the Qatar Mountain Bike League which was held in Al Khor on the 27th of October. The race saw 157 riders participating on the race. And again, with the late winter and longer summer heat this year, the race was so tough and a bit technical, that only 146 riders finishes the race while the other  11 abandoned the race for some reasons such as broken bike parts and flat tires among the others.

The 5 km route features many different technical sections from flat start, fast descents, steep climbs and sandy patches, off camber bends, open flats and a good sprint finish. Trail also features the Al Khor Sea front when you are on the top of some of the hills. It also features a narrow trail crossing in between a hill and grassy portion very near the sea. One might wonder, there is a really good mountain biking spot here in Qatar.

Although the Trail is newbie friendly, riders must be strong enough to climb the hills (one of the climbs had a nickname called Cardiac Hill, where you experience high heart rate during the climb), and riders must have the technical abilities to stay on the bikes on some tricky area specially those tight corners and downhill spots. It’s a perfect mix of what a mountain bike trail should be.

Davy Muller of Carbon Wheels Racing won the Open Category with a margin of  2 minutes ahead of the current league leader for Open category and his team mate and 2nd place for this race, Dave Nichols. Kevin Hickey of Qatar Chain Reaction placed 3rd place.

The event also saw the participation of the Junior Qatar National Team in the Under 23 Age Category. But still on the Lead for points and back to back winner for U23 age category is Ernie Daniel Francisco of team El Padyakero placing 1st on this race with a final time of 00:39:18 for 3 Laps leading 4 minutes ahead of Mohammed Abougabarah as 2nd and Zaid Hamza as 3rd Both are from Junior Qatar National Team.

Qatari National, Fawaz Alshammri of Qatar Cyclists team won the 23 to 34 Age category, with a split second difference with 2nd place Carlo Maniebo of FIT-Q who is still the current league leader for this category. Another Qatari National, Mubarak Allaji of Lusail Team won the 3rd place.

For the 35 to 40 Age Category, Allan Navarro of team SMCC APO lakay made back to back victories and still the league leader placing 1st place again on this race, Dennis Dalupang of Team El Padyakero placed second, while our very own Andrej Filip of Qatar Cycling Federation placed 3rd.

A new comer for the League, Spanish guy Alberto Soto Campos from TriClub Doha took the 1st place for the 41 & Above Age Category, 32 seconds behind him is Rogelio “Ibrahim” Fernandez as 2nd and Jovedell Gonzales of team El Padyakero placing 3rd. Winner for the 1st Leg, Fernan Louien Anciado of Team BPMQ place 4th event after experiencing technical difficulties in the middle of the race.

Another new comer for the Mountain Bike League, South African Tessa do Toit won the Ladies Category, followed by Maricar Estacio of Team Rasen Sports, who is now league leader for this category, and Jennifer Kaouush

Surprising result also came from the Beginners category when the 9 year old mountain biker from Spain, Hugo Hernandez Moya, dominated the riders who are decades older than him.

The Race is Organized by United Filipino Mountain Bikers Qatar in partnership with Qatar Cycling Federation.

Race is sponsored by Rayyan Water, and supported by Qatar Chain Reaction & Qatar Cyclists.

The 3rd leg will be in held in Duhail on December 8.




Race Result


Open – 6 Laps (30k)

1.       Davy MULLER [Belgium / Carbon Wheels Racing] – 1h7m0s

2.       Dave NICHOLS [UK / Carbon Wheels Racing] – 1h9m19s

3.       Kevin HICKEY [UK / Carbon Wheels Racing] – 1h11m31s

4.       Marc MOURAD [Lebanon / Team Rasen Sports] – 1h13m0s

5.       Max CAPARANGA [Philippines / Colorum Boyz] – 1h14m14s


Under 23 – 3 Laps (15k)

1.       Ernie Daniel FRANCISCO [Philippines / El Padyakero] – 39m18s

2.       Mohammed ABOUGABARAH [Qatar Jr. National Team] – 44m00s

3.       Zaid HAMZA [Qatar Jr. National Team] – 44m01s

4.       Mohammed Lamin MERZOUG [Algeria / Qatar Cycling Fed’n] – 48m26s

5.       Hamza AL KASSEM [Qatar Jr. National Team] – 50m44s


Age 23 to 34 – 3 Laps (15k)

1.       Fawaz ALSHAMMRI [Qatar / Qatar Cyclist Team] – 36m22s

2.       Carlo MANIEBO [Philippines / FIT-Q Team] – 36m23s

3.       Mubarak ALAJJI [Qatar / Lusail Team] – 36m40s

4.       Cristopher SURIGAO [Philippines / Team PCCQ] – 36m41s

5.       Noel ESTRADA [Philippines / Team Industrial] – 38m37s


Age 35 to 40 – 3 Laps (15k)

1.       Allan NAVARRO [Philippines / Team SMCC APO Lakay] – 39m02s

2.       Dennis DALUPANG [Philippines / Team El Padyakero] – 39m15s

3.       Andrej FILIP [Slovenia / Qatar Chain Reaction] – 39m27s

4.       Eleazar Juta [Philippines / Team Industrial] – 39m41s

5.       Levis AGCO [Philippines / Team SMCC APO Lakay] – 39m56s


Age 41 & Above – 3 Laps (15k)

1.       Alberto SOTO CAMPOS [Spain / TriClub Doha] – 36m52s

2.       Rogelio Jr. FERNANDEZ [Philippines / UFMBQ] – 37m24s

3.       Jovedell GONZALES [Philippines / Team El Padyakero] – 37m25s

4.       Fernan Louien ANCIADO [Philippines / Team BPMQ] – 37m52s

5.       John Little [Canada / Solo] – 38m28s


Ladies Category – 3 Laps (15k)

1.       Tessa du Toit [South Africa / Solo] – 45m20s

2.       Maricar ESTACIO [Philippines / Team Rasen Sports] – 1h05m15s

3.       Jennifer KAAOUSH [USA / Solo] – 1h09m16s


Beginners Category – 1 Lap (5k)

1.       Hugo HERNANDEZ MOYA [Spain / TriClub Doha] – 13m55s

2.       Fidel PALOPALO [Philippines / Team El Padyakero] – 14m11s

3.       Rico LUNA [Philippines / Team BPMQ] – 14m16s

4.       Melchor RIBAD [Philippines / Team PCCQ] – 14m32s

5.       Edson Jack LEAÑO [Philippines / Team Industrial] – 14m40s