North wind (Shamal) was shaping the race in Al Shamal Sports Club

North wind (shamal) was shaping the race in Al Shamal Sports Club
Al Shamal Sports club hosted the second race in the Royal Air Maroc cycling league on Friday morning 11th of November. Organized by Qatar Cycling Federation, Qatar Chain reaction and supported by Qatar Cyclists, the event saw 126 riders on the start line. Shamal area is well known for its more or less constant north wind called shamal, which made the race very hard. The strongest A category had to tackle with three laps (110 km) starting form Al Shamal sports club through back roads until Al Ghariyah returning via Shamal highway. The race saw many escapes until the trio Abdullah Afif (Qatar national team), Abdulrahman Jarboua (Qatar National team) and Marouane Znagui (Qatar Chain reaction) broke away in second lap and seal the day. Men B category joined by Ladies A category (2 laps - 74 km) finished in a big bunch sprint with Qatari Fawaz Alhichan (Rassen Velostar) taking the honours. Isora Sosa Cabalero (Carbon Wheels) was the strongest in the Ladies A category. The Men C and Ladies B had to do one lap (38 km in total). The Lusail team trio composed of Qataris Ahmed Alsubaey, Faleh Al Maadheed and Abdulaziz Al Mohannadi made an escape immediately after the lead car pulled away after the neutral start. Peloton tried to get organized and do the chase, but it was too late to catch them. Ana Jarque was the fastest in Ladies B category.
The League will continue after two weeks on Friday, 25th of November with individual time trial race in Lusail.
Results – Al Shamal S.C. road race:
Men A – 3 laps 110 km
1. Abdullah AFIF (Qatar National Senior Team)2h45:32 58
2. Abdurrahman SALEEM (Qatar National Senior Team) +0
3. Marouane ZNAGUI (Qatar Chain Reaction) +4
League leader: Abdullah AFIF (Qatar National Senior Team)

Women A – 2 laps 74 km
1. Isora SOSA CABALLERO (Carbon Wheels Racing) 2h00:57
2. Eulogy VAN DYK (Carbon Wheels Racing) +11:59
3. Jenn WICKS (None) +11:59
League leader: Isora SOSA CABALLERO (Carbon Wheels Racing)
Men B – 2 laps 74 km
1. Fawaz ALHICHAN (Rasen Velostar) 2h00:44 58
2. Hamed ALTAYEB (Rasen Velostar) +0
3. Fergal MCCOOL (Qatar Chain Reaction) +0
League leader: Hamed ALTAYEB (Rasen Velostar)
Women B – 1 lap 38 km
1. Ana JARQUE (None) 1h19:37
League leader: Ana JARQUE
Men C – 1 lap 38 km
1. Ahmad ALSUBAEY (Lusail team) 1h06:03
2. Faleh AL-MAADHEED (Lusail team) +25
3. Abdulaziz ALMOHANNADI (Lusail team) +25
League leader: Abdulaziz ALMOHANNADI (Lusail team
Mubarak Al Mansouri (president of AL Shamal sports club)
Jamal Al Kuwari (executive director QCF)
Adil Al Khaloufi (Royal Air Maroc)
Mustafa Bin Kiriju (Royal Air Maroc)